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Thanks to our experience and our equipment, always certified and up to the date, we offer a wide variety of measurements, controls and inspections that allow our customers to obtain an accurate diagnosis of their electrical apparatus, saving money in maintenance by scheduling outages only when really needed.

We are West Power

West Power supports utility companies by scheduling maintenance of their electric machinery (generators, motors, transformers and HV cables), with the aim of reducing failures, outages and maintenance costs.

Maintenance management

Interpretation of measurements

Machinery purchasing

Independent advice in case of failures

Report analysis

Offline measurements on transformers

Thanks to the recent acquisition of new tools and skills, West Power has been able to perform, for the first time in its history, a series of offline measures on 3 step-up transformers installed in a combined cycle plant for an Italian customer. The following measurements were performed, winding short circuit inductance, ohmic winding resistance,...

Offline partials discharges (PD) test on transformers

In August and November 2016, West Power has made For an Italian customer, offline measures on 2 10/220 kV step-up transformation groups, each consisting of 3 single-phase transformers. The measurement, which occurred during commissioning of the transformers, was performed with Techimp instrumentation at 50 Hz frequency and was successful, with no partial discharge inside the...

West Power for wind energy

Last August, West Power conducted a campaign of diagnostic electrical measurements on generators of 12 wind turbines, part of a 24 turbines windfarm, located in central Italy. In order to prepare for this new task, all West Power engineers have followed specific security courses and have purchased all the necessary equipment to access and evacuate...